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New Smart Electronics : Xiaomi Aqara D1 Wall Switch Smart ZigBee Wireless Key Zero Line Fire Wire Light Switch Remote Control No Neutral Work For MiHome

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We offer our best product in 2021 only for you, Xiaomi Aqara D1 Wall Switch Smart ZigBee Wireless Key Zero Line Fire Wire Light Switch Remote Control No Neutral Work For MiHome
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Please Note:

1.When adding the wall swtich or wireless switch, please select Chinese server in mijia settings.

2.This Aqara zigbee switch needs to be used with the gateway

3 Aqara wall switch need connect the wire, can control any bulb throught the wire;

while the wireless key cannot wired, only can control mijia smart bulb or light through ZigBee.

The Different Between Old and New Verison

D1 Wall Switch

Old Version Wall Switch

Indicator Light

On the front of the panel

Below the panel


Support three key switch
● Up to 6 trigger modes after switching to wireless switch
(Three Key-Left click, right click, middle click, left and right click, middle left click, right middle click)
● Overload protection function (only zero-fire version switch)

Single Switch(Single Click) Double Switch( Left click, Right click, left and right buttons Click at the same time)


●No Neutral:single-key/double-key single-channel load maximum 800W, double-key total circuit load maximum 1600W;

● Three-key single-channel load maximum 1600W, total circuit load maximum 1600W;

●With Neutral:Single-key/double-key/three-key single-channel load maximum 2200W, total circuit load maximum 2200W.

●No Neutral--single key maximum 800W;

●No Neutral--double key maximum 800W per channel, double key total 1600W;

●With Neutral--Max 2500W

Supported Apps

D1 single key and double key can support Mijia APP and HomeKit.
D1 three key follow-up support HomeKit

Support Mijia APP. Aqara Home. HomeKit

Supported gateways

● The D1 three-key currently only supports the Aqara gateway, Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway V2, and Xiaomi Mijia smart multimode gateway.
● D1 single key and double key supports Aqara gateway, Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway V2, Xiaomi Mijia smart multimode gateway, Xiaomi Mijia air conditioning companion V1, Aqara air conditioning companion upgrade version, G2 camera

In addition to the Mijia multifunction gateway V1, all others are supported.

Verify the connection to the gateway

Press 3 times quickly

Press 5 times quickly


D1 double key: L1 right L2 left
Three keys: L1 left L2 middle L3 right

Old double key: L1 left L2 right

*Here is a diagram about how this smart light control set works, now everything can be done just with your Aqara Smart Home APP!

Automatically Turn on lights While Detecting people MovingAutomatically Turn on the light wherever you go after you wake upDoor Opening Triggers Lamp to Turn OnThe light will Automatically Turn on when you arrival detected by the door and window sensorTurn Off Lights with One TouchIn a cold winter night, turn off all lights from your bedside switch without  traipsing around the homes
Automatically Turn off Lights Even When You are at WorkNeed to Leave in a Hurry? Turn off all Lights in your Home Via the Smart Phone App with a Single Click

Without Neutral Wall Switch:

Single Fire wire version ( Neutral wire is not required)

Features :

* Xiaomi Aqara wall switch ZiGBee version

* Single key and Double key control

* Wireless connection: ZigBee

* Can connect to Aqara smart device or other Zigbee device

* Input: single firewire 220V, 50Hz

* Load range: no more than 800W / each, minimum: 3W energy saving lamps / 5W LED lights / 16W fluorescent lamps

* Working humidity: 5 - 95pct

* Please download the "MiHome" APP in Google Play or Apple Store

The Real Pictures:

With neutral wall switch:

Main Features:
The with neutral switch, which can only be used with zero line.
Multiple application: can connect to Aqara smart devices or other ZigBee devices
Use conditions: has to work with zero line
Wireless connection: ZigBee
Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz ( 2400 - 2483.5MHz )
Power input: 10A max. 250V AC
Load output: 2500W max. total loading
Working temperature: 0 - 40 Deg.C
Working humidity: 5 - 95pct RH
Please download the "MiHome" APP in Google Play orAppleStoreAqara Wireless Switch

Features :

* Cannot be wired, only can control Mijia smart bulb or light through ZigBee

* Portable, realize controlling everywhere
* Can be used as a key doorbell
* SOS emergency callwall switch
* Defending and withdrawing function
* Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz ( 2400 - 2483.5MHz )
* Wireless connection: ZiGBee
* Built-in CR2032 battery
* Please download the ''MiHome'' APP in Google Play or APP Store

Common Question&Answer:

1. What is the difference between a "With Neutral Wire Wall Switch" and a "No Neutral Wire Wall Switch"?

A: Both are smart wall switches with the same main functions. With Neutral Wire Wall Switch needs to reserve the Neutral Wire at the switch when it is renovated. If you need to replace the original traditional switch in your home, we recommend to buy a "No Neutral Wire Wall Switch".

2. What kind of power lamps do the wall switches need to work properly?

A: The single-fire version of the wall switch can support 3W energy-saving lamps or 5W LED lamps or 16W fluorescent lamps. The maximum power is less than 800W.

There is no minimum power requirement for the zero-fire wall switch. The total power of all loads of the entire switch cannot exceed 2500W.

3. What is the size of the wall switch into the wall?

A: L58*W58*H29mmaqara wall switch, xiaomi light switch

4.What's the color name mean?

1.With Neutral means"This switch need to connect with the neutral wire"

2.No Neutral means" The switch do not need to connect theneutral wire, it can work no matter if there have neutral wire in your home.

3.1key means" The switch can only control 1 light"

4.2key means" The switch can control 2 lights


Specification Table

Brand Name Xiaomi
Certification CE
Origin CN(Origin)
Model Number Xiaomi smart wall switch
State of Assembly Ready-to-Go
Scale 1:12
Features Flashing
Gyro Aqara smart home
Control Channels 2 Channels
Max Speed Aqara wireless key
zigbee wall switch Aqara Wall Lights Switch
zigbee switch xiaomi aqara Wireless Switch
xiaomi aqara switch Aqara Wireless Key
aqara switch wireless Remote Control Zigbee Light Switch
Work with Mihome APP Lifetime Guarrantee
Unit Type piece
Package Weight 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
Package Size 20cm x 10cm x 10cm (7.87in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
aqara smart wall switch xiaomi switch
aqara homekit aqara smart home kit
Feature 1 Turn on light upon detecting people moving
Feature 2 Turn off lights with one touch
Feature 3 Very easy to installation

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